Alexander Hu, DO

Alexander Hu, DO

My interest in medicine began with the fundamental belief that all people should have equal access to quality healthcare and was further piqued by research at the Rockefeller University and The Hospital of Special Surgery. During my medical training I had always found great satisfaction in outreach programs and was involved in a number of community education programs and The Flying Samaritans. Later, I was inspired to train in the field of rheumatology which took place in New Orleans at the Louisiana State University Health Science Center.
I am excited to return to northern Arizona to serve the community in which I originally trained in internal medicine and to spend more time with my two wonderful kids!

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Although each of us came to the group from different backgrounds and experiences, we share a vision about how to deliver our services to those who need them in our community. It is centered on effectiveness and efficiency provided in a caring and civil environment. It was the challenges of diagnosing and customizing treatment to the individual that drew us to rheumatology. The evolution of our technology sustains the hope that we can make a difference every day to our patients.



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